Sunday, 23 December 2012

Camping Places In Afghan

Camping Places In Afghan

  There are many places to camp in Afghan. In this video I will show you two of them and what directions people will be coming from. The first camping spot is by the rocks and door. I am the top screen and the enemy is the bottom screen. The enemy is coming from the door and he can’t see you yet so shoot now!

  The second direction that the enemy is coming from is by the chair and the garden. The third direction the enemy is coming from is way down by the bushes so either plant a claymore over there, or keep looking in all directions.

  The second camping spot in Afghan is on the two barrels on the side of the cliff. First jump on the plane wing then sprint to the end of it then double jump to get on the barrels.

 The first direction (in camping spot 2) that the enemy is coming from is between the back part of the broken plane. The second place the enemy is coming from is the front of the plane.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Marathon Pro

Marathon Pro can prove exceptionally useful

for getting to the high areas of the map to take

Trick Shot from.

How to Have an Invisible Gun (MW2)

How to Have an Invisible Gun

To have an invisible gun in MW2,

attempt to plant a bomb but

cancel it, pressing square/X

and then throw a throwing

knife. This leaves you empty handed.

Steady Aim Pro

Steady Aim Pro is chosen by smarter players,

 It allows them to not only place more

accurate No-Scopes within Trick Shots,

 but actually die after failing a shot from a high

height, preventing the very annoying waiting in Spectator mode.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In all COD games bullets come from your head.

In all COD games bullets come from your head, not from your gun.

 If you see a part or somone's  head over a fence or something like that,

 that guy can shoot you even know you can't see his gun.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Black Ops XBox 360 PS3 Online Differences

Differences Between Black Ops on Xbox 360 and PS3 Online (COD)

People play COD Black Ops online very differently on XBox 360 than on PS3. On XBox 360 you'll find a lot more campers and 50% are using ghost perk with silence etc.

But players seem to be a bit better on XBox and more people use a microphone ( usually to just trash talk and make annoying sounds )This is likely because the mic comes buddled with XBox 360, but not PS3.

But sometimes I play at a friends house who got a PS3 and it feels pretty different and I notice the following: PS3: People play alot more run and gunning and way many more people use the last stand perk here. Also it seems there are way more parties around with players playing with 1 console.